Adding notaries & co-workers to your account

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Astrean's team structure is designed to work for different notary team settings, including...

  • Notaries who are part of a multi-notary service that conduct notarizations for a variety of customer
  • Notaries who work within a company and primarily notarizes documents for that company's workers and clients



This Astrean Academy tutorial covers three areas regarding team setups in Astrean:

  1. Invite team members to your organization's Astrean portal
  2. Set up team members who are notaries
  3. About non-notary team members


Invite team members to your organization's portal

Each Astrean account has its own team or organizational portal — even when there's only one notary on the team.

This organization portal was created when your team's account was first created... using the organization name the team admin used when he or she first created the Astrean account.

For example, if the organization name included in the initial registration was "Lakeview Title," then your organization portal would probably be

In that case, you would invite all your team members to go to that organization portal to setup their Astrean account access.


Set up team members who are notaries

After setting up their user access to your Astrean team account, your notary team members who wish to use Astrean's notary tools will need to be validated.

Notary validation will include these three additional steps:

  1. Completing their Astrean account profile, including their notary information
  2. Completing their Astrean billing profile
  3. Completing the formal notary validation process

The menu links for both of the above steps can be found in the upper-right corner of the Astrean app screen.

Notaries should have their license or commission information nearby, along with a copy of their driver's license or state-issued ID.


About non-notary team members

Your non-notary team members will not be able to use the notarization tools included in the Astrean notary toolbox. However, your non-notary team members will be able to find available notaries in your team account and schedule notarizations.


Next: complete onboarding

After completing your registration, you will then need to complete the rest of your onboarding to begin enjoying everything your Astrean solution has to offer.

For more information on onboarding, please check out the onboarding section of Astrean Academy.


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