In-person online notarization (IPEN)

Astrean brings traditional in-person notarization into the digital age with IPEN

Astrean’s provides an array of digital tools to help notaries provide more robust face-to-face notarizations, including enhanced ID verification, e-signatures, digital documents, video recording and electronic notarizations.

About Astrean - Vision, Mission and Team

Overview of the IPEN process

How electronic in-person notarization works

Verify identities

This stage consists of two steps: (1) validating the ID documents being provided; and (2) verifying that the person is one on the ID.

Validation of the driver’s license or state-issued ID is usually done by a third-party vendor. In addition, the actual identity must be verified by (1) the notary comparing the video image with the validated ID and (2) using a service like knowledge-based authentication (KBA).

Prep digital files

When documents are involved, the notary will have to prepare the digitized document to be notarized.

This typically begins with the signatory or attorney uploading the documents for digitization into the Astrean platform.

The notary then uses the RON solution to set the fields for e-signatures and notarizations.

Record event

While completely optional for basic eNotarizations, you can now offer your clients the added service (and security) of a secure recording of the notarial event.

This could be used to provide additional verification should a notarized document or event be contested in the future.

Astrean automatically & securely stores recorded notarizations for at least 10 years.

Sign & certify digitally

Instead of signing a paper document, you can have your clients digitally sign the digital version.

Notaries can also digitally sign the document, attach a digital notary stamp and issue a digital notary certificate (a unique, encrypted certificate to digitally confirm the event).

The digital notary certificate is a unique, encrypted certificate to electronically confirm the specific notarization event.

RON is just the start

IPEN is modernizing traditional notarization

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is here to stay - Astrean

Electronic — or e-notarization — has actually been around longer than its remote online counterpart. In fact, it's accurate to think of RON as a type of electronic notarization.

RON showed some of the more far-reaching potential of e-notarization. Now, Astrean is bringing some of the valuable benefits offered by RON to IPEN.

Yes, these electronic features and benefits are totally optional for traditional notarization. But by digitally conducting face-to-face traditional notarization, we'll be on our way to unleashing the full potential of notarization and notaries for the modern age.

Here are just a few of the advantages offered by IPEN (over traditional notarization):

  • Better anti-fraud measures
  • Easier access and sharing of notarized documents
  • Stronger proof of authenticity
  • Stronger protection against loss or damage
  • More tamper proof
  • Easier to manage large volumes
  • And more...

The bottom line is that the future of notarization is electronic... and Astrean is leading the way


Designed for notaries, by notaries

Power tools to create notary super performers

Optimize your business

Our business suite includes a CRM, self-service scheduler, accounting tool and more to help you grow and manage a successful business.

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Generate customers

Our marketing resources for notaries include online directory listings, a free website and our “Uber for Notaries” marketplace.

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Give your clients more

Offer your clients more value for your service with our customer portal, giving them direct access to their electronic notarizations.

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Notarize electronically

Our eNotarization platform offers easy and integrated remote online notarization (RON), as well as RIN and IPEN digital notarizations.

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Stop fraudulent IDs

Our system validates ID documents from 150 countries, then verifies personal IDs with dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA).

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Power your growth plan

While our system can accommodate all notaries, it is designed to help professional notaries enhance their careers or grow their business.

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Get & stay organized

With everything you need to manage your notary practice (including an ejournal and digital files), managing documents is now a snap.

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Leverage blockchain

By also recording digital notarization certificates on our proprietary blockchain, we provide another layer of tamper resistance

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Earn NFTs

Our blockchain-enabled platform provides users with non-fungible tokens that can be sold, traded or redeemed for rewards.

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E-signatures are already legal

Electronic signatures and notarizations were legalized two decades ago

While not all states have legalized “remote” notarizations, the federal government and all 50 states (as well as the District of Columbia and U.S. territories) accept e-signatures.

Two sets of laws (one federal and one enacted by the states) laid the groundwork for eNotarization: E-SIGN and UETA.

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-SIGN) Act

E-SIGN specifically states that contracts and signatures “may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form.”

The E-SIGN Act primarily governed electronic records, documents and signatures in interstate (and international) commerce. It left it to the states to further regulate e-signatures in their jurisdictions.

Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA)

Uniform Acts are proposed legislation that is intended to provide a unified and similar law in various jurisdictions. UETA was developed and proposed by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) in 1999.

California was the first state to enact UETA in 1999. Forty-nine states, plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands, have enacted UETA.

New York is the only holdout, but it has its own laws legalizing e-signatures.

Rebuilding Trust Through Electronic Notarization

Designed to grow your business & grow with you

The right plan for your modern notarization needs

'Free for life' starter

Our free-for-life “Personal” tier gives you free access to important notary business tools, such as the efficiency-boosting electronic notary journal and marketing resources.

The Personal plan also allows you to buy credits as needed for RONs, RINs and IPENs.

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Pro & team growth

The Astrean “Professional” subscription plan gives you access to valuable notary business tools, including a CRM, accounting software, booking software and online payment acceptance.

It also includes monthly complimentary credits for electronic notarizations.

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Bigger goals & needs

The “Premium” tier gives solopreneurs and larger teams more of the professional level – plus analytics, dedicated support, team management tools and marketing support to take your game even further.

Notaries in this tier may also be recommended to our enterprise clients.

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More than just RON

Astrean provides powerful tools to help notaries succeed

Rebuilding Trust Through Electronic Notarization

While Astrean offers a powerful yet easy-to-use RON tool, we are proud to proclaim that we are more than just online or electronic notarizations!

Our robust and dynamic RON, RIN and IPEN tools are part of our comprehensive suite of notary business and digital resources.

Our mission is to create a toolbox to help notaries succeed in business and their careers. And the fact is that a RON tool alone – even one as good as ours – is not enough to guarantee success.

As successful notaries understand, you need an entire toolbox to help you create a successful notary business or leverage your notary skills for your chosen career.

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Try Astrean now — with no cost and no commitment

2 ways to start enjoying Astrean for free

'Free for life' PERSONAL plan

We're on a mission to unleash notarization & notaries!

That's why we're providing our basic set of notary marketing tools and electronic notary journal absolutely free with our Personal pricing tier.

Additionally, access to our eNotarization tools for remote online notarization, remote ink-based notarization (RIN) or in-person e-notarization (IPEN), is available on-demand via purchased credits.

Get the 1st month for FREE

Try the Astrean "Pro" or "Premium" plans free for 30 days!

Whether you're a new notary or an experienced freelancer on the fast-growth track, the Pro plan gives you the tools you need for electronic notarization and business growth.

For power users and entrepreneurial notaries, our Premium plan builds on the Pro plan, with more bandwidth and tools for faster growth and managing a team.

Modernizing notarial security and privacy

Big improvements in fraud prevention for notarization

It’s true that notary fraud is rare. But let’s be honest. Traditional notarization has not kept up with the all the modern security precautions used by the financial industry and generally expected by our modern economy.

Notarization can do so much to enhance trust and combat fraud in our business, legal and government. But it has been unable to step up to the plate – until now. Today’s technology can make notarization even more secure and trustworthy. And Astrean’s solution takes it even further:

  • Verified notaries. Only notaries with valid commissions and licenses are allowed.
  • Signer ID validation. We electronically ensure that signer ID docs are legit.
  • Signer ID verification. We use dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to verify each signer’s actual identity.
  • Encrypted data. All data is encrypted in transit using secure socket layers (SSL) and at rest.
  • Blockchain-enabled. This supporting technology helps ensure that confirmed records are immutable (cannot be altered later).

The Astrean Academy

Continuing education to take you to the top

Master digital notarization

Whether you’re an experienced notary trying to go digital or a brand new notary altogether, our training program helps you master remote online notarization.

We also provide state-specific training to ensure you’re ready for specific RON requirements for your state.

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Grow your notary business

There’s never been a better time to launch and grow your notary business. With RON, RIN and even IPEN, you now have a bigger market available for your business.

Astrean provides and trains you on the tools that professional services rely on to grow and succeed, as well as tips on how to best use them.

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Generating customers & revenue for you

Introducing the Astrean "Uber for Notaries" marketplace

Notary Fraud Prevention Solutions for Electronic Notarization - Astrean
Having a Pro, Premium or Platinum tier subscription allows notaries to apply to be part of the Astrean Notary Marketplace – our “Uber for Notaries” platform connecting online notary customers with our notaries.

In addition to individuals searching online for notaries, we also actively recommend our premium notaries to our enterprise clients who need additional support. These enterprise clients are large corporations and very busy title companies with their own internal notary team.

But they often run into times when they need help from seasoned notaries outside their company.

We select and train only qualified notaries to be part of this marketplace. If you’re interested in becoming a notary and/or part of the Astrean Notary Marketplace, click here to learn more.