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'Free for life' PERSONAL plan

We're on a mission to unleash notarization & notaries!

That's why we're providing our basic set of notary marketing tools and electronic notary journal absolutely free with our Personal pricing tier.

And if you need to use our eNotarization tools for remote online notarization, remote ink-based notarization (RIN) or in-person e-notarization (IPEN), you can purchase credits as needed.

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Whether you're a new notary or an experienced freelancer on the fast-growth track, the Pro plan gives you the tools you need for electronic notarization and business growth.

For power users and entrepreneurial notaries, our Premium plan gives you more of the Pro plan, as well as tools for faster growth and managing a team.

Pricing plans designed for you

Pick the right plan to help you get started or get growing

1Coming soon: this feature is currently under development and/or quality assurance (QA) testing.
2Credits required: purchase credits to use these features as needed.
3Notary validation required: Astrean continuously verifies that notaries have a valid license or commission before they can use electronic notarization tools. Additional fees may be incurred, if notary validation is not included in your selected plan.
4"Uber for Notaries" Marketplace: a Pro, Premium or Platinum account is required to participate in Astrean's client-generation marketplace. However, notaries are not guaranteed automatic acceptance. Notaries must satisfy knowledge, experience, client feedback and other quality assurance reqiurements.

Enterprise plans

Customizable plans for corporations and large fIrms

For hundreds of years, notarization has been the primary tool for establishing trust in business, legal and government transactions.

The advent of the digital age – and notarization’s recent inability to keep up – had at first started to raise the need for notarization in this new cyber age.

But the past few years has revealed the untapped potential that notarization offers our society, economy and communities. As we have seen a growing level of distrust for technology and the Internet, we’ve also seen that same trend of growing distrust for our institutions.

It is in this environment that the potential for the duly licensed notary’s traditional trust-building role becomes apparent and needed. At Astrean, we are committed to empowering notaries with their important duties and responsibilities.

Designed for notaries, by notaries

Power tools to create notary super performers

Optimize your business

Our business suite includes a CRM, self-service scheduler, accounting tool and more to help you grow and manage a successful business.

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Generate customers

Our marketing resources for notaries include online directory listings, free website, and eligibility for our “Uber for Notaries” marketplace .

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Give your clients more

Offer your clients more value for your service with our customer portal, giving them summaries of and access to their electronic notarizations.

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Notarize electronically

Our eNotarization platform offers easy and integrated remote online notarization (RON), as well as RIN and IPEN digital notarizations.

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Stop fraudulent IDs

Our system validates ID documents from 150 countries, then verifies personal IDs with dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA).

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Power your growth plan

While our system can accommodate all notaries, it is designed to help professional notaries enhance their careers or grow their business.

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Get & stay organized

With everything you need to manage your notary practice (including an ejournal and  digital files), managing documents is now a snap.

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Leverage blockchain

By also recording digital notarization certificates on our proprietary blockchain, we provide another layer of tamper resistance

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Earn NFTs

As part of our blockchain-enabled platform, your unique badges & certificates can be converted into non-fungible tokens.

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Why choose Astrean?

We're launching a notarization movement...
not just an app

We're not in business to just sell electronic notarization or SaaS subscriptions. We're on a mission to unleash the inherent trust-building power of notarization and notaries — through the use of digital tools and resources.

It may sound ambitious. But it's a realistic ambition. And in today's trust-starved world, we believe it's a necessary one.

Please join us on this important journey.