In a State Near You.

We're so excited to help you grow your Remote Online Notary business. You've come to the right place to help support all your needs to efficiently manage, grow and thrive in this endeavor.

With Astrean, you'll be able to:
-Utilize a robust Notary Dashboard
-Manage your all your appointments with your own RON scheduler
-Document eerything in your Electronic Journal
-Relax knowing there's so much security and encryption
-Even ID & credential verification!

We're set, and ready to go in these states. You'll learn more about the RON requirements in your state, how to become a notary (if you're not already), how Astrean can help and of course, the ability to connect with us!









Don't see your state listed? No worries! We are actively expanding in states soon. Please connect with us here and let us know where you are located. We'll be sure you are the first to know when your state becomes available.

Welcome to Astrean - where things are made just a little bit simpler.