Editing your Astrean account profile

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To complete the setup process, Astrean users will need to complete their Profile section — especially notaries who want to use Astrean's notarization tools.

In addition, your online notary directory listing will use the information you put in this section to populate your directory page.

The link to your Astrean Profile page can be found in the upper-right corner of your web app.




The Profile page includes two sections/rows containing five modules in all:

  1. The first row contain's modules that organizes information about the user and contains the following modules
    • User identity. Row 1's first module identifies the user. In addition to the user's name, this module also includes the user's Astrean ID number and the option to upload a photo or avatar.
    • About/Contact. This row-1 module is for your contact information, including notary business address, business phone, mobile phone (if separate) and email address.
    • Social. This final row-1 module allows you to list your social media pages, which will be used on your directory listing.
  2. The second row contains modules that organizes information about your notary license(s) or commission(s).
    • License overview. The first row-2 module provides a quick overview of your notary public commission or license. It includes your commissioning state and license/commission number, as well as a copy of your uploaded notary seal.
    • License/commission details. The second row-2 module provides more information about your notary license/commission including (1) issue date, (2) expiration date, (3) official name recorded on your notary license/commission, (4) official notary address on record and (5) the types of notarizations the user is authorized to conduct. This module also includes your Astrean verification status; if your license/commission is not Astrean verified, a button will appear here to verify and validate your status.



Editing your profile

Eding your Astrean profile is super easy. Just click on the "Edit Profile" button on the upper-right corner of the Profile page.

This will make all the modules available for editing. However, please NOTE that the email address cannot be changed.

After making your edits and uploads, just click the "Submit Changes" button on the lower-right corner of the Profile page to set your changes.




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