About PDB

Disruptive innovation for people

We are driven by a shared passion for positive innovation. As technologists and digital natives, we understand the power, possibilities and potential consequences of disruptive technology. Our Public Data Block lab is dedicated to harnessing blockchain, AI, IoT and other disruptive tech to serve the public good.


We are developing apps and platforms to improve financial opportunities for all communities.

Digital health

Our solutions are designed to help solve critical challenges that can improve healthcare cost, quality and access

Business tech

Our applications seek to help businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, to increase their ability and capacity for growth

Consumer tech

Thousands of apps today help consumers with various tasks. We're focused on designing consumer tech solutions that create more opportunities for growth and enrichment.

Our Story

We started by designing a solution to one problem — then we realized we could create opportunities for all

Our initial founders' first lab project was to define a business cases for blockchain technology in the real estate space. After an exciting afternoon, we had designed a series of applications and platforms — for multiple use cases across, real estate, fintech and govtech. Public Data Block was soon officially established to develop those initial concepts.

After several more months of research, we received a grant from the University of Wisconsin System to conduct more detailed "lean startup" validation of our initial concepts and products. Through this grant-funded research, Public Data Block defined its go-to-market strategy and develop its initial app. Along the way, we were able to expand our team with other talented individuals who shared our vision of harnessing disruptive technology to empower people.



Meet The Team

Trevor Martin

Co-Founder & CTO

A graduate of the University of Chicago, Trevor has been coding since he was nine years old. Trevor is a blockchain expert, having already developed a handful of blockchain-powered platforms.

Michael Ratner

Managing Director, PR & Marcom

Mike is a media marketing consultant and global PR expert, whose corporate communications consulting practice offers leadership coaching, motivation, clarity focus, tactics and breakthrough strategies

Christopher Walker

Managing Partner, Legal

An attorney with degrees from Yale University and the John Marshall Law School, Christopher has helped many tech startups with their compliance and legal strategy, as well as growth and expansion.

Rick Onyon

Advisor, Strategy & Leadership

Currently CEO of posIQ and co-founder of other Silicon Valley startups, Rick brings real-world tech startup expertise and direction, guiding the team through challenges & obstacles.

Rey Villar

Advisor, Growth & Strategy

An adjunct professor at UW-Stout and founding partner at HealthChampion, Rey brings years of startup and digital experience to provide guidance on growth and strategy for the team

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