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The 1st complete SaaS suite designed to empower notaries through increased productivity and profits

In just the U.S., over 4.4 million notaries conduct over 1 billion notarizations per year — using a largely antiquated system critical to our business, legal and government systems.


About Astrean - Vision, Mission and Team

Investor Overview

Astrean is best positioned to increase productivity, revenues & adoption in the notarization industry

Rebuilding Trust Through Electronic Notarization

For hundreds of years, notarization has been the primary tool for establishing trust in business, legal and government transactions.

The COVID pandemic has driven a few changes to the industry, though primarily focused on just remote online notarization (RON) tools.

The demand and opportunity for massive improvement in the notary industry, however, goes beyond RON. Remote notarization tools are nice, but they don't necessarily improve productivity and profits for notaries.

Notaries need an integrated set of tools that include electronic notarization, digital marketing and business productivity improvement.

Through Lean Startup interviews with over 130 notaries, we have identified this fundamental need and are the only ones launching an integrated solution for notaries in the U.S. and the world.  

Unleashing notarization & notaries

Our vision and our mission

Astrean 2022 Vision Statement

Vision: Empowering notaries by modernizing notarization


Our vision is to leverage the inherent "trust building" power of notaries to reinvigorate trust in our legal, business and governmental systems — as well as in our communities — by creating technologies and platforms to modernize & expand notarization.

Mission: Helping to build a better notarization system that can enable better opportunities for our industries, consumers and notaries


  1. Optimize the notarization process: Develop solutions that improve fraud prevention, reliability and productivity for notaries.
  2. Advance innovations that empower notaries: Introduce solutions that make it easier for notaries to nurture a successful career or business. 
  3. Build on this new infrastructure to create new opportunities: Develop new apps that leverage the Astrean platform to support trust and growth.
Astrean 2022 Mission Statement

The Problem

Notarization is finally modernizing — but still not enough


It didn't used to be this way, but notarization offers few options for steady income for most notaries.


Manual notarization has very few privacy, consumer protection and anti-fraud safeguards.


The manual work involved before and after the notarial event cries for something better.


Finding the right notary can take hours for consumers, resulting in a poor user experience.


A failure to modernize has limited what this critical trust-building process has been able to offer.

The Astrean Solution

Empowering notaries and notarization — beyond RON

Revenue engine

By providing tools that expand their market and improve their marketing & operations, notaries can build a real business or career.

Fraud prevention

With advanced two-factor ID verification, secure notary journals and immutable logs , notarial events & records are more fraud-resistant.


Our automated system streamlines the notary's tasks and operations, optimizing their businesses for more growth and increased capacity.

Customer UX

For the first time, notaries finally have tools to improve their clients' experience — including a client portal where they can view all their records.


A modernized notary platform opens new doors for notaries, as well as building a foundation for new solutions based on our new system.

Market overview

Large current market — with potential to get bigger

4.5 million notaries

Our business suite includes a CRM, self-service scheduler, accounting tool and more to help you grow and manage a successful business.

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1.25 billion notarizations

Our marketing resources for notaries include online directory listings, free website, and eligibility for our “Uber for Notaries” marketplace .

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40 states legalized RON

Offer your clients more value for your service with our customer portal, giving them summaries of and access to their electronic notarizations.

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A platform with equally big potential

What a modernized notary system can enable & empower

Overview of our competition

We are the 1st to market a full modernization suite for notaries

Our business model

Focus on rapid growth and mass adoption

Rebuilding Trust Through Electronic Notarization

For hundreds of years, notarization has been the primary tool for establishing trust in business, legal and government transactions.

The advent of the digital age – and notarization’s recent inability to keep up – had at first started to raise the need for notarization in this new cyber age.

But the past few years has revealed the untapped potential that notarization offers our society, economy and communities. As we have seen a growing level of distrust for technology and the Internet, we’ve also seen that same trend of growing distrust for our institutions.

It is in this environment that the potential for the duly licensed notary’s traditional trust-building role becomes apparent and needed. At Astrean, we are committed to empowering notaries with their important duties and responsibilities.


Equipping notaries for success in the digital age

Reaching for the stars

The story behind Astrean's name

When our founding team members first embarked on this project, we made up our initial interim name — Public Data Block — in under 5 minutes, knowing that we needed something much, much better.

We knew that we needed an aspirational name to match our vision and mission. We understood that we weren't just building an app, we were helping to launch a much-needed movement to support trust-building in our legal, business, governmental and local systems.

A few months and several days of brand research later, we found the perfect name. Best of all, the domain was available!

Astrea (sometimes referred to as Astria or Astraea) was the ancient Greek goddess of justice, precision, purity and innocence.

According to Greek mythology, she was the last of the immortals to live among humans. It was only during the Iron Age, as greed drove people to distrust everyone, including their own family and friends, that Astrea finally abandoned earth. It is said that she later ascended to the stars to become the constellation of Virgo.

Astrea - the Ancient Greek Goddess of Justice, Purity and Precision