Remote Online Notarization for the state of Kansas

What are the Remote Online Notarization Requirements for those in Kansas?
We're so glad you asked. A notary public in Kansas can perform an online notarization if:

  • The notary public has personal knowledge of the identity of the individual, satisfactory evidence of the identity by oath or affirmation from a credible witness appearing before the notary public, or obtained satisfactory evidence of the identity of the remotely located individual by using two types of identity proofing.
  • The notary has to be able to confirm that a record before the notary public is the same record in which the individual made a statement or on which the individual signed.
  • The notary has to create an audio-visual recording of the performance of the notary act and the recording must be retained for at least 10 years.

How can I become a Notary in the state of Kansas?
To be a notary in Kansas, a person has to be at least 18 years of age and a Kansas legal resident, or a resident of a bordering state who regularly carries on a business progression in Kansas or is regularly employed in Kansas. Below are steps to follow to become a Kansas notary:

  1. Complete the Notary Appointment Form
  2. Obtain a notary surety bond of $7,500
  3. Obtain a notary seal
  4. Mail or deliver the completed Notary Appointment Form

Notaries are appointed for four years. To renew your notary appointment, you need to complete another renewal application, which costs $25.

Why should I use online notarization?
Although online notarization really came to be as a result of COVID safety concerns – it’s really one of those things that will leave you asking yourself, “huh, why didn’t I think of that”? But, above all, it also keeps a better record than a traditional notary process. Identifications are verified digitally through technology and recorded. Meetings and documents are recorded and store. The digital seal that signs off on all notarizations and accompanies the documents, decrease the possibility of documents being tampered with, reinforcing the legitimacy.

Is online notarization legal?
Sure is! In 2011, with the passage of House Bill 2318/Senate Bill 827, Virginia became the first state to authorize its notaries to notarize documents remotely via live audio-video technology. Since then, numerous states have passed laws authorizing their notaries to perform online notarizations. To date, more than 29 states have enacted remote online notarization. Due to COVID-19, states that have yet to enact RON or otherwise make their RON law effective have emergency short-term measures in effect. You should contact the agency that will receive your e-notarized document to ensure your document will be acceptable for its intended use. We’d like to help with general information wherever we can, so let us know of any questions at

How Astrean can help you!
Astrean is the most user-friendly and cost-efficient SaaS remote online notarization (RON) tool in the market, Astrean manages the full online notarization process from the training of notaries to transitioning to an online notary experience.

Businesses and notaries can enjoy the 24/7 convenience of remote online notarization, with all the tools needed to educate, track, schedule and record the remote online notarization process within one easy-to-use dashboard. Astrean leverages dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and AI-based facial recognition algorithms to accurately identify and monitor notary participants, meeting the highest standards for identity verification, full audio-visual communication, secure video storage for at least 10 years and encrypted digital notary certificates.

Additionally, Astrean’s notary platform helps notaries with all their notary tasks to make them more efficient and generate more business with tools such as an electronic journal. The electronic journal streamlines the notaries’ legal recording responsibilities, by automatically linking and adding details from remote online notary transactions. Astrean’s built-in scheduler allows clients to digitally schedule notarization appointments, while giving notaries an efficient view of their daily calendar. Interested in learning how Astrean can make your life easier? Great! Fill out the form below to connect today.

How to get started with Astrean:
At Astrean, we’re here to help make remote online notarization as easy as chewing gum. With Astrean, RON transactions are just like old-school notarizations, but so much better and faster! Plus, with all the e-tools to manage your online notary transactions, you'll wonder how you've done it without a tool like Astrean for so long.


  1. Schedule or Quick Start: Start an online notarization at any time or schedule it for a future time.
  2. Identity proofing and validation: Automatically validate proof of ID from every state and verify identities, as needed.
  3. Record the notarization process: Automatically record both your audio and video event, saving it for the next 10 years.
  4. Digital signatures & certification: Issue a digital notarization certificate and auto save to your journal.

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