A Bit More About Us

You'll notice we do things a bit differently than our competitors - but, we think you're going to like it. Welcome to Astrean. Get to know a bit more about us. Astrean integrates industry leading, trusted sources into a platform that supports the full range of notary requirements and customer data privacy concerns. Plus, we've got one talented team leading the charge.

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Reynaldo Villar

Advisor, Board Chair

Trevor Martin

Founding Partner, CTO

Vinod Paidakula

Chief Revenue Officer

Roger DaSilva

Chief Financial Officer

David Coyle

Product Manager

Christopher Walker

General Counsel

Anthony Khaiat

Research Analyst

Jason Chen

Sales Director

Kassie Rizzo-Pitts

Marketing Advisor

Astrean Team Member

Sarah Casanova

Social Media Marketer

Brian Holt

Full-Stack Dev

Wilson Horrell

Wilson Horrell

Software Developer

Jan Janeczek

UX/UI Designer