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e-Notarization, e-Journal, RON, scheduler, CRM, accounting, ID verification and all the tools notaries and firms need to increase productivity.

Integrated remote online notarization (RON) app

Conduct in-person electronic notarizations (IPENs), remote ink-based notarizations (RINs) or fully remote online notarizations (RONs) with ease.

Notary marketing resources to generate more business

Marketing and business resources to generate more clients — including new online customers through our “Uber for Notaries” marketplace.

Power tools to grow your in-house notary career

Dramatically improve your efficiency and productivity with power tools like our e-journal, scheduler, document archives and more.

Cloud-based tools to work from almost anywhere

No software to download to your PC! And because it's cloud-based you can run your notary business from anywhere with internet access.

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'Free for life' PERSONAL plan

We're on a mission to unleash notarization & notaries!

That's why we're providing our basic set of notary marketing tools and electronic notary journal absolutely free with our Personal pricing tier.

Additionally, access to our eNotarization tools for remote online notarization, remote ink-based notarization (RIN) or in-person e-notarization (IPEN), is available on-demand via purchased credits.

Get the 1st month for FREE

Try the Astrean "Pro" or "Premium" plans free for 30 days!

Whether you're a new notary or an experienced freelancer on the fast-growth track, the Pro plan gives you the tools you need for electronic notarization and business growth.

For power users and entrepreneurial notaries, our Premium plan builds on the Pro plan, with more bandwidth and tools for faster growth and managing a team.

Unleashing notarization

Rebuilding trust through empowered notaries

Rebuilding Trust Through Electronic Notarization
For hundreds of years, notarization has been the primary tool for establishing trust in business, legal and government transactions.

Moreover, the recent growing level of distrust for technology and key national institutions underscores the critical importance of the trust-building role that licensed notaries play in our communities and economies.
However, the lightening fast rise of the information age - and notarization's ensuing struggle to keep pace - presents challenges around how notarization can successfully adapt crucial centuries old practices to a digital world.

At Astrean, we believe that notaries can once again play a critical role in building trust in our business and legal interactions. And we are committed to empowering notaries with their important duties and responsibilities.

Designed for notaries, by notaries

Power tools to create notary super performers

Optimize your business

Our business suite includes a CRM, self-service scheduler, accounting tool and more to help you grow and manage a successful business.

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Generate customers

Our marketing resources for notaries include online directory listings, a free website and our “Uber for Notaries” marketplace.

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Give your clients more

Offer your clients more value for your service with our customer portal, giving them direct access to their electronic notarizations.

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Notarize electronically

Our eNotarization platform offers easy and integrated remote online notarization (RON), as well as RIN and IPEN digital notarizations.

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Stop fraudulent IDs

Our system validates ID documents from 150 countries, then verifies personal IDs with dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA).

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Power your growth plan

While our system can accommodate all notaries, it is designed to help professional notaries enhance their careers or grow their business.

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Get & stay organized

With everything you need to manage your notary practice (including an ejournal and digital files), managing documents is now a snap.

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Leverage blockchain

By also recording digital notarization certificates on our proprietary blockchain, we provide another layer of tamper resistance

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Earn NFTs

Our blockchain-enabled platform provides users with non-fungible tokens that can be sold, traded or redeemed for rewards.

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Reliable, legal & validated

Digital notarization enhances security & privacy

Rebuilding Trust Through Electronic Notarization

One of the biggest challenges faced by traditional notarization is the lack of consistent fraud safeguards.

Today’s technology makes notarization more secure and trustworthy, with better privacy safeguards and protection from accidental loss or destruction.

And Astrean’s solution takes it even further:

  • Verified notaries - to build client trust
  • Signer ID validation - against international database
  • Signer ID verification - with dynamic KBA
  • Encrypted data - in transit and at rest
  • Blockchain-enabled - for more tamper-proof records


Equipping notaries for success in the digital age

Take full advantage of digital

Many face-to-face business transactions that require notarizations, including mortgage closings and business transactions, are increasingly turning to eNotarization.

By digitizing the notary process and certificates even for in-person notarizations, notarized documents are easier to manage, retain and share.

With the Astrean Notary Success Suite, you have the option of conducting digital ID verifications, recording the entire event (or just the signing), issuing digital certificates and/or digitally recording into your electronic journal.

Capitalize on RON

Most states and many nations have legalized remote online notarizations for many transactions requiring notarizations. In other words, notaries, witnesses and involved parties don’t have to be in the same room – or even the same state, nation or continent.

RON laws vary by state. And some states are more restrictive than others on what notarial events (and which notaries) can conduct a valid RON event.

At Astrean, we’re actively pursuing full approval in every RON-enabled state.

Notarization — the next major gig economy?

Introducing the Astrean Notary Marketplace

Depending on the state or transaction, a customer may need a notary with special training or even a law degree! Sometimes, they need a mobile — instead of a remote online — notary, and they're willing to pay for it.

In many states, notary clients need a notary who is physically located in the state, even if the transaction is remote.

We want to connect consumer and business clients with you, if they're the right fit.

Astrean makes it a snap for consumers and businesses to connect with the appropriate commission or license – right away. Plus, we select and train only qualified notaries to be part of this marketplace.

Becoming a notary and/or part of the Astrean Notary Marketplace today.

Astrea - the Ancient Greek Goddess of Justice, Purity and Precision

A solution that adapts to your needs

Designed to support notaries in any industry or setting


Improve & grow your full-time notarization gig into a thriving notary business.


Optimize your process & expand your market to serve more clients in less time.


Provide more convenient, efficient & organized notary services to your team.

Remote teams

Efficiently manage your notary team and better serve your firm's remote workers.

Small business

Manage all your notary needs 24/7, using internal or external notaries.

Title companies

Increase your agents' productivity, while expanding your services & geography.

Mobile closer

Expand your market to serve mobile or remote closing customers all over your state.

Law firms

Offer more value to your clients with online services and access to notarized docs.

Banks & lenders

Continue to offer notary services but online, while meeting all internal needs.

Software devs

Increase the value of your apps by integrating Astrean's notary tools or marketplace.

Records office

Modernize your services and improve your efficiency with digital notarization.

Local government

Integrate with existing apps for more notary options & improved doc management.

More than a fad

How blockchain, cryptocurrencies & NFTs impact notarization

You’ve probably heard the terms blockchain or cryptocurrency – or their related products (Bitcoin, tokens, coins, NFTs, etc.) – and may have wondered what they meant. You may also be wondering if they were even worth your time.

They answer is a resounding YES.

For one, blockchain offers inherent “immutability,” which means that archived records cannot be tampered with or changed. More recently, there has been an explosion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

What are NFTs? Strictly speaking, a non-fungible token is any DATA added to a FILE that creates a unique SIGNATURE. And notarization, by its very essence, deals with files and signatures.

One of the things that sets Astrean apart is that our blockchain experts have integrated our digital notarization platform with our proprietary blockchain to enhance the reliability and value of your work as notaries. As Astrean users, you'll also be getting NFTs that you can redeem for subscription credits or trade as “coins.”

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