Online Notarization with Astrean

A total digital notary suite. All online. All in one place.

Welcome to Astrean. The first (and only) digital notarization suite loaded with everything a notary or business needs to manage their RON and legal transactions. Made for notaries, by notaries. 

Bring on the revenue opportunities.

Notaries can now easily service clients throughout their state, the U.S. or even the world.

Convenience for a remote setting.

RON at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime. It’s all within one easy-to-use tool.

Pricing to fit... well, you.

Looking for a no-commitment, per-transaction access? A growing notary shop? An enterprise solution? We've got you covered.

The 1st full suite for notaries.

In addition to the RON functions, Astrean equips notaries with a scheduler, electronic journal and other tools for success.


How it Works

At Astrean, we’re here to help make remote online notarization as easy as chewing gum. With Astrean, RON transactions are just like old-school notarizations, but so much better and faster! Plus, with all the e-tools to manage your online notary transactions, you'll wonder how you've done it without a tool like Astrean for so long.

Schedule a Quick Call Icon

1. Schedule or Quick Start

Start an online notarization at any time or schedule it for a future time.

Identity Proofing Icon

2. Identity proofing and validation

Automatically validate proof of ID from every state and verify identities, as needed.

Record the notarization icon

3. Record the notarization process

Automatically record both your audio and video event, saving it for the next 10 years.

Digital Signature Icon

4. Digital signatures & certification

Issue a digital notarization certificate and auto save to your journal.


Meet the Team

So, technically, Astrean is a distributed architecture SaaS platform that integrates industry leading technologies with established security protocols to provide SMBs and Notaries with a reliable, secure, and intuitive platform to perform remote online notarization.

But, we're also a group of talented, friendly individuals, looking to bring a bit of automation to the archaic process of notarization. With shared interests and a robust, diverse skill set - we think we've got something pretty great to offer you. 


Keeping You & Your Info Safe

We get it. Safety is a pretty big deal. Especially when we are talking about notarized documents containing sensitive information. That's why, we've partnered with the most well-known, safe and respected software solutions out there. So whether you're ready to sign now, or schedule a RON (that's short for Remote Online Notarization) later, this service is here for you. 

Same process, but digital

Astrean digitizes the traditional notary process, so that all steps from ID verification to the signature of the document can be securely executed and stored on a single platform.

Trusted API Calls

Astrean integrates industry-leading, trusted sources into a platform that supports the full range of notary requirements and customer data privacy concerns. Specifically using Vouched for automated photo ID verification, knowledge-based authentication using BlockScore, and Signature recording using DigiSigner.

Encrypted services

Each document is encrypted with industry standard AES-256. Site access and live web conference video channel secured via SSL.

Automated photo ID verification

AI-based facial recognition algorithms check web conference participants against photo ids for automated verification.

Knowledge based authentication

Block Score provides KBA for additional identity verification.

Signature recording

Secured live web conferencing for document signing process, recorded and stored securely on AWS.


Just a Few Steps to Get Started

To ensure we stay true to our commitment to making life just a little bit easier - we've gone ahead and simplified the process of signing up. Bit don't take our word for it. See for yourself.

1. Select Your Membership

Sign up your organization effortlessly with just a few basic details at a price-point that works for you.

2. Set Up Your Organization

Create your personalized Astrean settings, with a few guided clicks. Then add unlimited users or notaries.

3. Virtually Train Your Members

Send your online notaries the state required, brief online training provided for you and your team.

4. Time to Notarize Online

You're all set. Start to notarize documents online, anytime, anywhere. It's really that easy.

Ready to give remote online notarization a try?

We thought you might be. Let's get started.